Exploratoration of COVID’19 NEWS Leveraging GDELT

  • Being completely Open Source.
  • Access to Real-Time Analysis.
  • Wide Coverage, spanning across the globe.
  • Supports Multilinguality (Over 100 languages)
  • Local Content (Mass Translation) especially in the non-western world.
  • Huge datasets.
  • Difficult to handle (Can’t use traditional means of spreadsheets and dataframes)
  • Technical Knowledge Prerequisite.
  1. GDELT Analysis Service:

GDELT + BigQuery = Query the Planet

Some entities of GDELT Dataset
  • Size: 13.46 Million+ News Articles
  • Content: Timestamp, Source and News.
A snippet of the NEWS scraping script, full code at GitHub/NEWSBOT




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Sanjay Sivaraman

Sanjay Sivaraman

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